30 June

The Creative Process

The Creative Process

We once had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Mildenhall, who at the time was the VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at the Coca-Cola Company. He had a powerful quote that stuck with us: “Outstanding creativity knows no …

25 June

Content Ownership

Content Ownership

There are two sides of this conversation:

  1. Retaining ownership of the creative work you produce and
  2. Being accountable for the visuals you create.

Ownership of creative works

Freelance in the video production world is a way of life for many

31 May

Content With Purpose

With the advances in technology and affordable gear in recent years, it’s an exciting time for video professionals. We’ve seen great strides in the standard of quality, and it’s just the tip if the Iceberg. High-end cameras that can shoot …

17 June

Purpose of "Behind the Lens"

Video production has been a rapidly evolving industry over the last five years, that has opened the door for everyone to have access to the necessary tools for producing and wide reaching outlets for distributing moving pictures. We’re not only …