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The Creative Process

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Post Production, Video Production
The Creative Process

We once had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Mildenhall, who at the time was the VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at the Coca-Cola Company. He had a powerful quote that stuck with us: “Outstanding creativity knows no order”.

This quote definitely reinforced how we feel. We have a great amount of collective experience throughout the production process, but we never want to degrade any of it to being routine.

Every shot, every interview, and every cut is an opportunity to reveal something.

We must be fluid out in the field shooting, always crafting an attention to detail. While conducting interviews, we must listen without judgement. In the edit, we must find the meaning and flow, while being aware of the audience to which we speak.

In this entire creative process, you can never rule out the subtlest opportunities to make a human connection. Sometimes a slight chuckle, smile, or tear can make the content stick … and more importantly, relate.

Creativity can be messy, but it also can be deeply satisfying. So satisfying that we are always searching for the next opportunity to reveal something to ourselves and our audience.

Together, we gratefully seek on.

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