Pre-Production Planning

pre production strategy development

The goal of pre-production is to paint the picture. Take all the potential ideas and streamline them into one solid plan. This includes creating a theme and story lines, character and location selection, shot sequence, and equipment confirmation.

Video Production Process

Video Production

The production stage is where we focus simply on execution. Characters should be versed in questions being asked or commentary desired. Equipment is charged, polished, and ready to go. Each production day has about an hour of set-up per location. This is an absolutely critical time. All of the plans put together in pre-production have to be brought to life. Matching tone and emotion with proper background color and lighting to go with staging a scene and finding just the right framing are critical considerations for a successful production.

As the main character, this is the moment you really experience the ‘on scene’ presence. Slow down, focus in the moment and execute on the thoughts and concepts developed for this presentation.

Post Production Editing & Delivery

post production

Pulling it all together. That’s what happens in post production. Pairing the right music and sound design while piecing together the narrative begins a tedious process of creating your video. There are plenty of twists and turns when figuring transitions and effects. The goal is to take the clearly outlined plan, and match the efficient production shots with the original concept to bring your vision to life.