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Bob Evans Farms – See Project

“I’ve been in the industry for over twelve years and have to say that working with Onscene is a breath of fresh air. Eric and team are professional, experienced and incredibly talented. Not only is the work they put out very good, but they’re easy to work with and always have great ideas for developing the best and hardest-working content. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to take their web content to the next level.” -Thyme Hill

Content Marketing Institute – See Project

“The team from On Scene exceed any expectations we had for getting video footage during our premier conference event in 2011. Not only was Eric extremely professional, but he was organized and detailed in such a fashion that we had quality video footage to share with our audience the very next day. The content from his videos is being used to gain new attendees to this years event as well as new sponsors. On Scene was the first contract we signed for our 2012 event.” – Pam Kozelka

Social Business Strategies – See Project

“Eric Leslie and OnScene Productions have become my go to resource for online video production. The company delivers some of the most creative applications of video storytelling for brands that I’ve seen in the industry.

The proof is in the pudding, and you can easily see a difference in the level of quality they deliver in the videos they produce. OnScene’s years of experience in the production space allows them to find efficiencies that keep costs controlled for their clients. At Bob Evans and some other brands, we found that working with OnScene allowed us build a bank of quality content for the cost of what some companies charge for a single video production. The value of Eric and his teams work quickly becomes apparent.

I not only plan to keep using Eric and his team, I also plan to send as much business there way as I can. They’re excellent partners.” – Nate Riggs

Great Heights Integrated Marketing Communications – See Project

“I have been both the subject of and behind-the-scenes of an OnScene Production and can honestly say they were wonderful, professional experiences. Having worked with other video production companies, OnScene has stood out for both me and my clients as efficient, creative, helpful, and strategic. Eric Leslie isn’t just there to shoot a video and edit its pieces together; he is there to help craft a message and tell a story, two much-needed elements in communication and marketing today.” – Shane Haggerty

Astute Solutions – See Project

“In 2011 and continuing in 2012, we are making a valiant effort to offer more shareable, consumable and engaging content. Eric Leslie and On Scene are an essential piece to these efforts.

Offering experience and a natural understanding of what digital content can do for demand generation, lead cycle acceleration and sales enablement, Eric is always offering new ways to help our business. He is always ready and willing to take on new projects and to do whatever it takes to deliver quality product on time and above expectation.

Eric and On Scene not only strive for their own success, but for the success of our business. Our engagement is a mutual partnership, not simply a paycheck for them. We value this partnership and look forward to working with them again on future projects.” – Jennifer Comisford

Sycamore Community Schools – See Project

“I was first introduced to OnScene and Eric Leslie at a public relations conference. Eric was full of energy, a dynamic speaker, and incredibly friendly. I was able to get a glimpse of OnScene “behind the scenes” as Eric worked to create a video during the conference. Being impressed, I kept his business card. About a month later, I saw the video Eric created for the conference and was captivated by his style. He was able to combine information with entertainment and emotion to produce a video that resulted in not only learning, but making a lasting impression.

After seeing that video, I got in touch with Eric to create videos for Sycamore Community Schools. I had always wanted to create videos for the district and now that I was launching a new, interactive website, it was the perfect time to create videos. And to make it even better, OnScene was able to work within my budget.

From the first moment of working with OnScene, it was fun—the crew was professional but made the work seem so much like not working. We all remained on the same page from the initial meeting until the day we wrapped taping. I knew my school district had an heartfelt and impressive story to tell–we are much more than just education in a classroom. We are stellar academic achievement, life-long relationships, and a diverse culture. I could see Eric’s passion to and dedication in sharing those themes from the questions he asked to the way he lit shots.

And then I saw the videos he created. Words cannot describe what Eric created for me and my district. I have worked in my district for 7 years and I have never heard applause like what I heard after showing the video during an administrative team meeting. It was thunderous. Compliments continued to come in the following weeks. Then I showed the video during a Board of Education meeting. Tears were shed and the Board president said “It is not often we are left speechless.” That one sentence is what OnScene can do—leave you speechless.

Keeping that business card after the workshop was one of the best things I’ve done and now Sycamore and OnScene have a long relationship ahead of us. OnScene’s artful attention to detail creates a product that is one-of-a-kind. They go above and beyond—from taping to customer service to editing to creating online video accounts for clients.

I highly recommend OnScene to any business or individual who wants to tell a passionate story that will hold people’s interest and generate an emotional connection.” – Erika Daggett