The Vulnerability in Content Creation

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Content Planning
The Vulnerability in Content Creation

In the more recent years, “storytelling” has been the buzz word many use to sell content creation. It is certainly exciting to see such an emphasis being put on storytelling. To no surprise, it is rightfully so because storytelling is an essential part of our history and existence. We share our experiences, thoughts, and emotions via story.

We can relate and connect with content, because of story.

With storytelling we have an opportunity to be honest with not just our viewers, but with ourselves. It’s this opportunity which allow for some of the best content to be made. However, it is easier said then done. We as content creators, must act as curators and do a story justice. We must ask ourselves if we are being true to the story.

  • Are we leaving something out subconsciously?
  • Are we trying to push our own image or agenda?
  • Are we playing it safe?
  • Are we creating a “story” to be on trend?

These are the tough questions we need ask ourselves throughout the process. Whether it be in pre-production planning, in the field shooting, or on the cutting room floor … we must continue to challenge our own perspectives.

All of the above makes storytelling a truly collaborative experience. We need to create an environment which people can be comfortable to share. We need to build a relationship with clients, so we can trust in this process together. We must welcome vulnerability on all sides, and trust in it.

Vulnerability is not weakness but strength in opening up. If we allow our work to be vulnerable, connection is possible. Just like history, we have a responsibility to not just paint a pretty picture but be honest about the content we create. Together, lets rise above the noise and tell a story … be not afraid.

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