Honestly Creative Content

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Content Planning
Honestly Creative Content

As digital creatives, we are always looking ahead. If we can make observations and identify trends, we can position ourselves to better serve our clients.

One consistent shift we are seeing right now is how brands are moving towards more honest marketing. Instead of creating the story, brands are asking us to find it and capture it. They want their content to be real, organic, and unscripted. This change has come as a result of the way consumers view content. With the ability to pick and choose who they “follow” or “like”, it’s not about what brands can buy up all the airtime anymore. It’s about making authentic connections. Consumers are identifying with honesty as opposed to advertising.

Those who are doing it right are the ones who are truly transparent. They want to show the real value of their products and services to the consumer, because they really believe in them and aren’t just trying to sell. With all of the organic content out there, big, over produced, pitch heavy advertising sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s time for brands to dig deeper. It’s time for brands to connect.

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